Via Crucis Vivente di Cervaro

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The “Via Crucis Vivente” of Cervaro is a manifestation of the oldest traditions “Cervarese”. Originated back in 1963, the result of a group of young people of that place with few resources and much enthusiasm, put on stage the first edition, realizing their hands with everything they needed, from costumes to scenery, and was an innovation of the oldest religious event, which consisted of the representation "static" of Christ's life, based on the "floats" that parade for the country. Currently this event is organized by the Cultural Association "Via Crucis Vivente of Cervaro" was born in 1999 at the hands of those people that must be the achievement of the last two decades editions, in order to enhance and give continuity to that event he had known short periods of stasis. Feature of the design and realization of everything that needs to the staging of the event: from the costumes of Praetorian, with the precious metal armor, the costumes of legionnaires, with the equally decent leather armor, by imposing scenery of the Pretorio to those in the Sanhedrin, the owner of the gladiator traditional Roman Bica. The holding of the event is divided into several scenes involving about 300 people and culminating in the spectacular resurrection at "Colle, striking the top of the old town lit with hundreds of Roman torches.

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